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Mario Gabriel

Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Business Broker
New Zealand
International: +64210617827
NZ Mobile: 0210617827

Email: mario@tourismproperties.com

Broker Profile

Introducing Mario Gabriel, an unconventional figure whose journey through the world of upscale hotels and luxury retail spans five continents. With over 15 years of experience, his career is defined by a passion for creating value for clients, businesses, and communities.

From key leadership roles with iconic brands like The Ritz-Carlton and InterContinental to revitalizing independent projects such as Kamana Lakehouse, Nest Kitchen & Bar, and Kamana Soak, his expertise spans the breadth of tourism, leisure, and hospitality businesses. That expertise also goes beyond management; for Mario it’s about reimagining operations and businesses to capture their potential and increase overall value.

Mario is a dynamic leader who has been responsible for orchestrating high-profile pre-openings, renovations, and rebranding projects, Mario is adept at transforming challenges into growth opportunities. His forte, turning spaces into memorable destinations, and inspiring business owners.

Areas of expertise:

Operational Excellence: With a proven track record of successfully managing upscale hotels and luxury retail, Mario can advise on optimising operations for efficiency, guest satisfaction, and profitability.

Technology Deployment: Mario’s history of upgrading systems and innovating commercial approaches showcases his ability to identify and implement fresh ideas that drive efficiency and business differentiation.

Reputation Management: Mario has extensive experience in building customer-centric teams, refining product offerings, and managing online presence.

Strategic Brand Development: Mario excels in developing and positioning brands to resonate with target audiences and stand out in competitive markets.

Digital Marketing Strategy: His experience includes utilising digital platforms to strategically position brands, engage with audiences, drive awareness, and build customer loyalty.

Revenue Optimization: Mario can help businesses align their strategies to maximise revenue by driving more direct bookings, reducing commission costs, and strategically managing distribution channels.

Mario believes exceptional customer experiences fuel successful ventures and commits to treating his clients with the same care and attention.  Potential sellers will gain a compelling business presentation, spotlighting unique attributes and enticing potential buyers. Buyers are able to leverage Mario’s guidance, navigating acquisitions, shaping businesses to their visions, and capitalising on growth opportunities with confidence.

If you would like assistance or more information on buying or selling a Tourism Business, please contact Mario directly or use our Contact Form to get in touch.


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