Selling a Business

Before making any important decisions it is prudent to compare the services/products of the companies that are making the offers.

We are so confident that the services offer are second to none we have listed below our main points of difference.

Website: Our website consistently ranks very high, not just in traffic but more importantly page numbers per view and time spent on site.  Clearly once people get onto our site they stay and have a good look around.  We spend considerable sums each and every year upgrading our website to ensure ease of use and ranking with the various search engines.

New Zealand Herald: Our Herald advertising is prominent, achieves outstanding results and purchasers always respond to well positioned and credible advertisements.

Christchurch Press: We have committed to advertising in the Christchurch Press to ensure that South Island investors are aware of our activities and the product ranges we sell on your behalf.

Staff Nationwide: We have committed sales staff throughout New Zealand, all of which have access to your property. We are a truly nationwide company.

Australian Coverage: a surprising number of purchasers of tourism and hospitality properties/businesses come from Australia either in the form of corporates expanding the geographical spread or ex-pat Kiwis return home.

Marketing Report: You will receive regular written report that will clearly identify the names and comments of all interested parties.
Thus you can see that we seldom miss any buyers active in the market which results in the best price for you in a timely manner. You cannot sell a secret so list with and you will get maximum exposure.

Consistent Advertising

In addition to The New Zealand Herald and The Christchurch Press, we also regularly advertise in the following mediums:

  • Dominion Post
  • Sunday Star Times
  • Otago Daily Times
  • Waikato Times

If there is a buyer in the market it is unlikely that they will not at least look at what we have on offer as we market our specialist properties and businesses more than any other company our profile is huge.

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